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What is the Fin Custom Lures app by spaces by wix and how do I get it?

Fin custom lures are now also available as an app. However, we have not (yet at least) launched our own actual app. Let's first see how this version gets the wind in its sails.

The app is managed by Spaces by Wix, so in practice the app itself is Spaces and inside it you can pick up the Fin Custom Lures channel.

In the app, you can conveniently manage and monitor your own information, purchases, reservations and points. In addition, you can participate in the activities of the groups and you can write in the forum. You also have a direct chat connection to both Fin Custom Lures and other registered members.

Practically the entire content of the homepage and online store in an even more convenient form!

The app is therefore produced by an external party, Spaces by Wix, but our content is produced and managed by us.

How do you get the app?

1. Download the app Spaces by Wix, here is the invitation link.

2. Enter the invitation code: WPB7L2

Enjoy the ease offered by the app, network and participate in the activities of the virtual community.

See you at the app!

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